First blog post by Sarah

Welcome to our real estate blog Cincinnati page!  My name is Sarah and its a pleasure to meet you.

Our first blog post: Why we love living and working in our town of Cincinnati!

Welcome readers to our first blog post. To start out we are going to discuss why we love to live and work in Cincinnati. Jordan has lived in Cincinnati his whole life- minus a few months where he moved but missed Cincinnati so much he had to move back. I (Sarah) grew up in the Dayton, Ohio area- not too far from Cincinnati. We love Cincinnati because there is so much to do here! From watching the Bengals to the Reds to going to King’s Island to going to the Cincinnati Zoo to all the wonderful parks and neighborhoods Cincinnati had- there is something for everyone! We decided we loved living here so much that we decided we wanted to work in the real estate market in Cincinnati so other people can love it as much as we can!

Another reason to love Cincinnati is that Forbes Magazine listed Cincinnati as the #5 most affordable city for 2015!

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