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4 Things you need to know about as-is house buyer in Cincinnati

We are your “as-is” house buyer in Cincinnati!


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  1. We buy your house as-is. As-is means in whatever condition your house is currently in.  We will not ask you to do any cleaning or make any repairs. No repairs means you do not have to fix that hole in the wall, repaint the kids play room, or replace that horrid pink bathroom title from the 80s.
  2. Not having to clean or repair your house saves you time and money. It saves you time because you can not only sell your house faster but you don’t have to wait for you or someone you hire to make the repairs. You will save money because we will pay for the repairs done, not you! Let us buy your house as-is!
  3. Selling your house traditionally though a real estate agent on the MLS can be time consuming and costly by having to make repairs and then waiting for your house to sell. We want to cut out the waiting and get your money to you faster.
  4. When we buy your house as-is also means you don’t have to list your house online. This mean pictures of your house will not be all over the internet for your neighbors and friends to see what all of your rooms look like. We will buy your house without needing to post pictures of it online or having open houses where lots of people walk in and look in all your rooms and closets.

Key takeaway: let us be your as-is house buyer in Cincinnati!

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Selling your house as-is is easy!  It saves you time, money, and hassle! Let us buy your house as-is in Cincinnati!

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